Programs North
  • Unified Foundations (coming soon)

    Unified Foundations is great for anyone who is looking to improve their technique & start their mixed martial arts transformation journey! This will be available to everyone & is a 6 week course which you will learn the basics of Muay Thai Kickboxing (Striking Foundations) Grappling Foundations, & MMA foundations. all of which will be technique, fitness, & self defense oriented! It is an unconventional & useful way to get in shape or learn self defense, and begin your MMA/Grappling journey or career!

  • Unified MMA

    Unified MMA gives you access to all mma classes , weight room amenities, affiliate gym access - tanning, pool access (FDL) - sauna & tanning, weight room (north)  (including competition classes upon coaches invitation) MMA is where you will hone your skills & develop your physical & mental toughness using live concept training, weight training, & skill&scramble based training. (intermediate&Advanced Grappling/striking are involved here aswell as mma) So whether your goal is to become an UFC, One, or Bellator star or just get in shape Unified MMA has something for everyone!

  • Unified family
    (coming soon)

    Unified Family is exactly the way it sounds, a class for the whole family children & parents to learn self defense & get started in their journey in Mixed Martial Arts! ages 6-13 and if the parents would like for younger ages they may join in as well! We set up the children and parent with a gear set all within the first week of sign up! This includes a Gi, UMA Shirt, MMA Gloves, Boxing Gloves, & Shin Guards! (if the parent chooses to attend class aswell) we have packages for families and kids wanting to attend class! No matter the experience level UMA Family is a great place for the whole family to start their self defense & martial arts journey!

  • unified Strikefit
    (coming soon)

    Unified Strikefit is an 8 week Beginner/Intermediate level transformation class geared towards:

    • Learning Applicable Fitness Skills

    • Self Defense

    • Weight Loss

    • Lean Muscle Gain & Tone

    • Basics Of Muay Thai

    • Basic Fighter Nutrition Guidance

    • Taking the bore out of getting fit!

    Push yourself on a new journey in fitness! no matter your experience level Strikefit is a great fit for anyone wanting to draw a serious line in the sand & get in shape while learning applicable self defense techniques & HIIT training! This wil be the best decision you can make to really get in gear when it comes to fitness and meet some amazing people while doing it! ​